Void Chase

We are urging people across the globe to “Void Chase”, boycotting the mega-bank because of its highly invasive and inappropriate internal survey that asked employees if they were “allies of the LGBT community.”

In addition to administering this troublesome survey in the first place, Chase has lied to consumers and employees in the wake of public outcry, denying allegations of impropriety despite clear evidence that employees’ ID numbers were required as part of the survey. For more information on this scandal, click here.

As one employee who came forward with evidence stated,

When your company is asking you if you are an ally of this community, it’s not like they are asking you if you like the Cleveland Browns. It makes you wonder what could happen. They are asking this for some reason. It will compel someone to do something. I am afraid I could lose my job or have it used to stack the deck against me.

The mega-bank has refused to answer for this survey, or to apologize and reassure its employees and consumers. This is a major violation of trust, the central value in any banking relationship.

So, we’re calling on Chase customers worldwide to join the “Void Chase ” campaign. We are demanding that the bank issue a formal apology for their offensive conduct and pledge never again to invade the privacy of their employees by attempting to learn their private views about LGBT issues, and—until they do so—pledge to take your banking business elsewhere.

Sign the following statement today to register your protest. It will be delivered to the Board of Directors of JP Morgan Chase.

Chase has refused to answer for this survey, or to apologize and reassure its employees and customers. This is a major violation of trust, the central value in any banking relationship.

Sign this petition to demand a formal an apology from Chase bank for this offensive conduct and the pledge that employees’ privacy will never again be invaded in this way. By signing, you pledge that, until such an apology is issued, you will take your banking business elsewhere.

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO & Board of Directors:

J.P. Morgan Chase’s invasive, offensive, and highly-inappropriate survey inquiring about employees’ relationship with the LGBT community is very troubling. Such a survey, which required employees’ unique ID numbers and thus tied the response data to individuals within the company, creates a menacing and hostile environment for employees who may not answer in the politically approved way.

Some employees have expressed concern about how this information could very easily be used to target them for discrimination and intimidations, and these concerns have not yet been sufficiently addressed by Chase bank leadership, who have instead chosen to obfuscate and deny any wrongdoing in the matter.

By denying, in the face of clear and public evidence, the real import of this survey, you have violated for both your employees and consumers the central value in any banking relationship – trust.

Until an apology is issued, along with a promise never again to invade the privacy of your employees in this way, I am pledging to take my banking business elsewhere as part of the international “Void Chase” campaign—and I will be urging my friends and family to do the same.


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